Why Buy a Paper Box

There are many reasons to buy a paper box, listed below are a few:

Higher Perceived Value

Rigid packaging makes the gift look better. First impressions mean everything and when you receive a gift in a rigid box, it enhances the value of what you are receiving.

Product Protection

Unlike a flimsy folding carton, a rigid box provides sturdy protection for any items packaged in it. A gift is not a gift, if it arrives broken at its destination.

Ease of Set-up

Unlike a folding carton; a rigid box is pre-assembled and ready for your product. Your employee’s time is valuable and should not be wasted assembling packaging.

Increased Profit

This higher perceived value allows the retailer to charge more for products packaged in a rigid box. One famous retailer offered the same fancy clothing just on a hanger or packaged in a rigid box. The clothing in the rigid box sold for almost twice the price of the same clothing on the hanger. Guess what sold first? Of course the clothing in the rigid box, and that is lots of extra profit for the retailer.

Superior Graphics

Since a rigid box incorporates paper that is laminated to the cardboard of the box, users can create extremely high-end packaging with 4 color process graphics (or more). Anything you can print on paper, you can wrap on a rigid box.

Environmentally Friendly

In these days of landfills filled with plastics that cannot be recycled, it is great to know that you can purchase a packaging product whose cardboard was manufactured strictly from recycled fiber products. Even all of our manufacturing scrap is returned back to the cardboards mill to be manufactured into future cardboard products.